How a Selfie or Finger Swipe Can Help Prevent Mobile Fraud

RSA is delighted to announce the availability of RSA Adaptive Authentication Mobile SDK 3.0 and with it our agreement with EyeVerify, the creator of Eyeprint ID™.

RSA’s Adaptive Authentication Mobile SDK allows organizations to embed risk-based authentication capabilities directly into their mobile app. Mobile SDK 3.0 integrates in app biometric step up authentication for high risk login and transactions using fingerprint and Eyeprint ID so that organizations can offer consumers the ability to easily authenticate when challenged by taking a selfie of their eye or a simple swipe of their finger .

The embedding of EyeprintID into our Mobile SDK is both timely and synergistic. As more overall transactions are driven through the mobile channel, more fraudulent transactions are driven through the mobile channel. We have seen a huge shift in the percentage of transactions coming from mobile and web channels, with mobile transactions growing from 15% of all online transactions at the beginning of 2012 to 42% of all online transactions by August 2015. In parallel, the percentage of fraudulent transactions originating from mobile went from less than 10% to 54% between 2012 and 2015 – we now have more fraudulent transactions coming from the mobile channel than we do from the web.[1]

mobile channel protection

Biometrics when part of an end-to-end mobile channel security strategy offers a highly effective way to detect fraud originating from the mobile channel. Biometric prints stored on the mobile are much more difficult to compromise or leverage – even when the mobile device itself has been compromised. They are also very difficult to spoof and so can provide additional assurance that the person presenting the biometric credential truly is who he says he is.

Biometric authentication is becoming an important element in securing the entire consumer mobile experience as it offers consumers a rapid and convenient way to transact securely on a mobile device. This is imperative at a time when an increasing percentage of transactions are migrating to the mobile channel.

Biometrics is an ideal authentication option for mobile because it balances strong security and consumer convenience – a hallmark of RSA’s consumer fraud solutions. Our agreement with EyeVerify will allow customers and consumers to continue to benefit from this while leveraging unique technology.

RSA has both web- and mobile-optimized risk models, which drive better mobile-specific as well as overall fraud detection through cross channel analysis and correlation of risk indicators. RSA’s mobile-specific anti-fraud capabilities allow organizations to identify and respond to mobile threats throughout the online user lifecycle while optimizing the end user experience.

Read the EyeVerify press release here.

[1] RSA Adaptive Authentication Hosted

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