Intelligence Driven Security: It’s All About Visibility, Analysis and Action

In a recent article entitled “How Companies Can Rebuild Trust After A Security Breach,” Forbes staff writer Kate Vinton details steps companies can take to minimize the impact of a security breach. In the article, Vinton states “companies need to either find a foolproof way to prevent security breaches entirely (an unfortunately idealistic goal), or work to minimize the negative effect of data breaches on their relationship with customers.” She then outlines several practical steps companies can take to reduce the impact of a breach, such as being as transparent as possible with customers about the breach and maintaining a steady communication stream to keep those customers updated on how the breach might affect them.

While it may certainly be idealistic to think that companies can find a “foolproof way to prevent security breaches entirely,” that doesn’t mean that organizations should just stop trying. In addition to preparedness for a breach event, there are strategies organizations can implement to significantly reduce the likelihood or impact of a breach before there is a need for damage control. Diligent approaches to cybersecurity can ensure that breach effects are minimal and contained. Implementing an Intelligence Driven Security strategy can significantly mitigate the risk of operating in a digital world. An Intelligence Driven Security strategy delivers three essential capabilities; visibility, analysis and action, to help prevent inevitable breaches from causing irreparable damage or loss. This strategy empowers organizations to effectively address the challenges they can see today and those still beyond the horizon.

You can learn more about the key elements of an Intelligence Driven Security strategy by clicking here to watch an explainer video or clicking here to download RSA’s “Adopting Intelligence Driven Security” whitepaper. Once companies have implemented this strategy, they can go back to doing what they do best, better serving their customers.

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