RSA Archer GRC Summit 2014 Daily Digest – Day 2

Day 2 of the 2014 RSA Archer GRC Summit proved to be the ideal setting for attendees to continue exploring the “frontier” of GRC here in Phoenix, Arizona.

With my cowboy gear on, I was honored to start the day by joining Andy Weeks, Director of Enterprise Information Protection at Humana and RSA Archer GRC Customer Advisory Council Co-Chairman, on stage to introduce a rousing keynote by Carey Lohrenz. A pioneer in naval aviation as the first female F-14 fighter pilot, Carey put us all in the pilot’s seat for a truly unique view of high stakes risk management. “Fighter pilots are professional risk managers, flying $50 million fighter jets and running squadrons valued at $1 billion,” according to Carey. Those are definitely high stakes that require the right tools and a high-performance team – much like the requirements of our attendees’ organizations.



I never cease to be impressed by the wealth of knowledge that the RSA Archer community brings together to share with other GRC professionals at the Summit. Presenters at today’s breakout sessions offered terrific insights into how their organizations are using RSA Archer solutions, challenges in moving the maturity of GRC programs and a variety of GRC best practices.

Of particular interest to me were the sessions in the Operational and Enterprise Risk track. These sessions specifically focused on how to leverage RSA Archer solutions to solve critical operational and enterprise risk business problems, and how to identify and monitor risk, track loss events, model processes and audit risk. Judging by the number of attendees in these sessions, there are growing numbers of us that share the need to address Operational and Enterprise Risk as a critical business priority.

With my head still reeling from the exceptional breakout sessions, I was pleased we were able to have Amit Yoran, Senior Vice President for RSA, and Eric Erston, Vice President for Archer Go to Market, put today’s key learnings into perspective during their keynote.  With digital risk increasingly becoming business risk, Amit emphasized RSA Archer’s ability to provide an intelligence driven risk management approach for business context and understanding. Eric reminded us that we need to harness risk in order to exploit the opportunities that risk intelligence provides. Risk intelligence is fast becoming a core capability that separates winners from losers, success from failure.



It’s always great to have the opportunity to recognize RSA Archer customers for their leadership in GRC, and the 2014 Excellence Awards are a terrific way to celebrate our customers at this year’s Summit. Award winners announced today include:

  • 2014 Excellence Award for IT Security & Risk – Comcast
  • 2014 Excellence Award for Regulatory & Corporate Compliance – Humana
  • 2014 Excellence Award for Operational & Enterprise Risk – Aetna
  • 2014 Excellence Award for Business Resiliency – Yale University

My hearty congratulations to the award winners and nominees for their continued exceptional work!

Day 2 culminated in a special evening with 1,000 of my closest GRC colleagues and friends at Los Cedros, a world-renowned equestrian facility, for an elegant dinner and an incredible performance of equestrian riding styles set against the gorgeous Scottsdale mountains. I am officially one happy cowboy.



Hang on to your hats as we continue to explore the frontier of GRC innovation on Day 3!

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