Worried about Advanced Threats? RSA Education Services can help!

Categories: Advanced Security

I’d like to start out with a quote from RSA’s Executive Chairman, Art Coviello, from his Keynote at RSA Conference in February this year…

“We need to champion and develop a new breed of Cyber Security Analyst…This new breed of analyst must have the right analytical skills, ‘big picture’ thinking and much needed collaborative “people skills” to ensure smooth information sharing with multiple stakeholders.”

Since then, that quote has pretty much been our mantra here in RSA Education Services as we’ve updated our RSA NetWitness courses and are charging forward with our new Advanced Cyber Defense curriculum. Both of these efforts are exciting to me and I’ll definitely blog again about them at a later date. For now, let’s talk about the update to our RSA NetWitness Administration course.

The content for this instructor-led class has been revamped and extended to three days. The course is now task-based and includes new topics like NetWitness for Logs and external authentication. The class is now 60 percent hands-on to provide real-life experience and includes a capstone project.

This course is appropriate for customers that are focused on the administration of the RSA NetWitness product as it provides an overview, hands-on installation and configuration of components. The course also covers integration with other products, monitoring capabilities and troubleshooting of common issues.

Soon to be released will be the new RSA NetWitness Analysis and RSA NetWitness Forensics Fundamentals courses, which are intended to provide security analysts with a road map for intelligence-drive security using RSA NetWitness.

Stay tuned for the latest in RSA Education’s efforts to empower the next generation of Cyber Security Analyst.

For further information and to check out our complete course catalog, visit the RSA Education Services web site.

Jason Rader