What Technologies Do Top CSOs Pick to Transform Information Security?

This week the Security Business Innovation Council (SBIC) released its third and final report in a series on Transforming Information Security, titled Focusing on Strategic Technologies. The report highlights key areas in which recent technological advances have provided opportunities to strengthen security capabilities.  It’s an equally informative bookend to the previous two Transforming Information Security SBIC reports.

The report opens by echoing the growing  concern over the changing IT Security landscape and the subsequent need for businesses to move away from perimeter-based security and towards more definitive solutions that emphasize detection and resilience over less effective prevention-based technologies—a recommendation also championed independently by RSA and its Intelligence-driven Security strategy.  The goal moving forward, as the SBIC members put it, is to develop more sophisticated cyber-threat resilience.  To do this, they point to coming innovations in the following technologies:

  • Security analytics (Big Data analytics technology)
  • Next-generation anti-malware
  • Flexible authentication methods
  • Identity and access management (IAM)
  • New cloud services

A primary point made in the report: “To achieve cyber-threat resilience, security leaders require technologies that provide comprehensive situational awareness, effective threat detection, and the ability to respond to incidents quickly.”

After highlighting the key areas, the council provides well-supported recommendations on investing in these technologies, aligning IT concerns with the line-of-business (LOB), executing a forward-thinking plan for the years ahead, and  provides a blueprint on how to maximize value through formalized risk deployments.

It’s a useful and detailed report and a worthy successor to the two previous entries in the Transforming Security series.   Check it out at: http://www.emc.com/collateral/solution-overview/h13125-report-sbic-strategic-technologies.pdf


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