Cybersecurity@EMCworld 2013: Transforming Trust

The application of Big Data analytics to security has resulted in a transformation not only in detecting and responding to threats. It also transforms how we establish and evaluate trust, based on understanding risk rather than expecting absolute security. This transformation doesn’t just affect security professionals. Understanding trust is critical for many of the topics that are explored at EMCworld, including cloud, virtualization, storage and document management. Understanding trust can help in enabling new business opportunities, finding more effective operational processes and working more effectively with partners.

Thought Leadership for the Trusted Cloud

I was in Stockholm a couple of weeks ago to speak at an EMC Forum and was able to sit in on the keynote, given by Chad Sakac. As anyone who has attended EMCworld knows, Chad is a great speaker: energetic, interesting and insightful. His keynote explored the theme of transformation, including the transformation of…

Neighbourhood Watch Schemes

In a recent SBIC report one of the recommendations for protecting against Advanced Threats was to ‘participate in information exchange’.  Defending against advanced threats will require new models for information sharing.  Historically organizations have been reluctant to share threat information but it is becoming increasingly vital that organizations share information and more importantly share it…

Learning to cook – Bake a Trusted Cloud Part 2

Proving that physical and virtual infrastructure of the cloud can be trusted can be prohibitively difficult, especially when it comes to cloud services from external service providers. Verifying secure conditions in the foundations of the cloud is important for a simple reason: If organizations can’t trust the safety of their computing infrastructure, the security of all the information, applications and services running on top of that falls into doubt.

Learning to cook – Bake a Trusted Cloud Part 1

Most of my friends and colleagues know that I like to cook so I will be doing a series of “recipes” in the next few weeks to address some of the key challenges based on conversations I am having with major organizations. So, to get started, here is part 1 on Creating a Trusted Cloud.

Trusting Your Crowd Sources

Earlier this week I was at MIT Media Labs for a meeting with my colleagues in EMC technical leadership. While we there, we took a tour of the Media Labs, including talking with a couple of grad students and professors. One the projects we were introduced to is called Place Pulse, “a website that allows anybody to quickly run a perception study and visualize the results in powerful ways”. It was interesting from a lot of perspectives: as an investigation of perceptual clues we use in making decisions; as an exploration of visualization techniques; and as a model both for generating and for analyzing Big Data.