The Optimist’s Cybercrime Predictions for 2011

The end of the year is a great opportunity for security companies and experts to write predictions on what is most likely to happen during next year. In many cases, these predictions can be summed up in “next year is going to be much worse, we’re all doomed, and you’ll have to invest more money if you want to defend your assets from the bad guys”.

The Wake Up Call

I remember the late nights and the pressure and intensity when CodeRed came out on July 13th, 2001, because the 17th was my Dad’s birthday and I was buried in the lab** in California; and I didn’t get a chance to call him until the 19th. Nearly 250,000 companies at the time were known to have been nailed…and then came CodeRed 2. With weeks of warning, what was essentially an incremental refinement on the same code lead to more victims, with the count pushing 300,000+ (keep in mind instrumentation was poor then).

James Bond and the Quantum Worm (aka stuxnet)

Only a select few have had a look at the script of the next James Bond feature film. It seems like Quantum, the secret criminal organization that in previous installments was busy short-selling the stock market by staging terrorist attacks and taking over water supplies to control the economy of South America, has a new…

Worlds Collide*: From Plane Crashes to Stuxnet

Our IT infrastructures are as real as any road, ship or city in the world today. They have the ability to directly influence and interact with the real world in as real and impactful a way as any object in the physical world. Let’s try saying that another way to be really clear: the world of information is as real and interchangeable and impactful to us as the world of guns, germs and steel…