The Intersecting Worlds of Fraud Prevention and Counter Terrorism

The world of fraud prevention (and information security in general), is characterized by an arms race between the good guys and the bad guys. Security companies and financial institutions develop solutions, procedures and policies to thwart fraud attempts, while fraudsters develop the tools and techniques to circumvent these systems. If a certain fraudulent activity is observed, companies react by customizing the systems, or inventing new ones, to identify and prevent the reoccurrence of this activity.

Building a Bridge for Information Sharing: The Industry Perspective

Considering that the meaning for law enforcement of an on-going relationship, with any security company, is a constant supply of information in support of their investigation, it’s in their interest to learn how to make these relationships work. Yet, while some agencies seem to have become masters in building and maintaining these relationships, some simply do not understand what makes the industry tick.

The Optimist’s Cybercrime Predictions for 2011

The end of the year is a great opportunity for security companies and experts to write predictions on what is most likely to happen during next year. In many cases, these predictions can be summed up in “next year is going to be much worse, we’re all doomed, and you’ll have to invest more money if you want to defend your assets from the bad guys”.