An Impassioned Perspective

As someone who speaks at many conferences and hears (and gives) many keynotes, I was struck by the extraordinary passion and commitment in Art Coviello’s keynote at RSA Conference US last week. His call to action certainly echoed his keynotes of the past several conferences, in his conviction that we – all of us –…

Balancing Security and Privacy: Embracing an Advanced Cyber Defense Strategy

In his recent keynote at RSA Conference Europe 2013,  Art Coviello, RSA Executive Chairman, painted a sobering picture of the challenges confronting cybersecurity professionals. We face a continued increase in the sophistication and rate of cyberattacks. Attack surfaces are expanding, due to the explosion of apps, digital content, mobile devices and virtualized infrastructure.  And legacy…

Innovation and the Unexpected

In his introduction to the Innovation Sandbox at RSA Conference, Hugh Thompson remarked on the critical role that small companies have in driving innovation. That’s certainly true and it was great to see the innovations of the 10 finalists who presented on Monday. But Hugh’s remark got me thinking about other dimensions of innovation, particularly in the light of the phenomenal range of capabilities evident in the exhibition hall at the conference.

An All Access Sweep – RSA Wins Big at SC Mag Awards

At the annual SC Magazine Awards, RSA’s defense of access continues to drive the state-of-the-art for the market. First, RSA SecurID maintained its position as the standard by which authentication solutions are judged, garnering the 2013 SC Magazine Award for Best Multifactor Authentication Solution. Additionally, following the mantra of “trust, but verify” RSA’s work in risk analysis and evaluation was also showcased with the award for Best Fraud Prevention for RSA Adaptive Authentication. This award is particularly satisfying as the Conference this week also saw the release of the groundbreaking RSA Authentication Manager 8.0 which brings big data-driven risk analytics to bear to achieve new levels identity assurance in enterprise, cloud and mobile environments.

The next marketing buzzword in security is…

Every year we seem to have a new buzz term in security. As someone who lives in the security product marketing world I’ve seen trends come and go. Terminology that was once mandatory in every piece of collateral suddenly becomes stale and cringe-worthy (APT is becoming one of these). We’ve had a bunch of buzzwords and phrases; some were pretty good and some were really terrible. I should know I helped propagate some of these buzzwords.

Want to Save the Universe?

I like Star Trek. I’ve always wanted to be Captain Kirk (had to pick one…Picard is great too) sitting in that chair on the bridge of the Enterprise with seemingly endless resources at my disposal with a mission to protect the universe. I’m not giving up, but that’s probably not going to happen. However, I do get a bit of the same thrill as I have the opportunity to work in the Critical Incident Response Center lab we have set up at RSA for research and demonstration purposes.

Security Introspection for Map Reduce

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, among the sessions on big data at RSA Conference China was Samir Saklikar’s presentation on Embedding Security and Trust Primitives in Map Reduce. Samir is in the RSA Office of the CTO and has been focused on big data security for more than a year, exploring the security and privacy issues for big data, the application of current security technology to those security requirements and the definition of new capabilities that would provide significant benefits in addressing those issues.

Pointing the Finger at Users?

How often do users get blamed for being careless by disclosing sensitive information or inadvertently clicking on a link that looks legitimate? Vendors and enterprises spend millions on security awareness education, but these same users continue doing dumb things and statistics show us that data breaches keep going up. Why are we not getting this…