No Holding Pattern for Airline Fraud

There is a lot of fraud in the “last minute” type of travel within the airline industry. But when you take a step back, you discover quite a lot of fraud in the industry exists in general, and it’s always interesting to think of what sort of cash-out options exist in the airline and hospitality categories.

Out of Band Authentication: How Fraudsters Circumvent Sophisticated Security Measures

In “The Matrix,” Morpheus tells Neo during training that some of the Matrix’s rules can be bent while others can be broken. While this line may only be an excuse to use clever special effects, it does have a grain of truth to it. When solving computer problems, you don’t always have to play by the rules. Sometimes it’s much easier to circumvent a problem rather than solving…

Underground Ripples

The international law enforcement operation known as Trident is starting to have ripple effects in the fraud underground. Like the Darknet operation in October 2008, it is certainly a milestone in the minds of Cybercriminals, who feel less safe and anonymous.

Follow the Money, and Go for the Mules!

…focusing on mules and mule herders is a relatively new, necessary direction. Mules should get the attention not only from law enforcement, but from the banking and security industries as well. We all have to remember that no mules = no cash.