RSA Adaptive IAM Goes Mobile with Acquisition of PassBan

RSA is excited to accelerate our vision for Adaptive Identity and Access Management (IAM) as we welcome San Francisco-based PassBan to the RSA-EMC family. PassBan is an innovative developer of mobile and cloud-based multifactor authentication technology. We expect PassBan’s technology and talent will help RSA accelerate delivery of our Adaptive IAM vision as well as broaden and strengthen RSA’s mobile partner ecosystem.

The Fragmented Picture of Mobile Security

I was in Munich last week, speaking at the European Identity and Cloud Conference in a panel on standards for mobile security. It was a very good session, not least because of the colleagues who joined me on the panel. John Sabo spoke about the work he’s doing in privacy frameworks.  Tony Nadalin spoke about…

Innovation and the Unexpected

In his introduction to the Innovation Sandbox at RSA Conference, Hugh Thompson remarked on the critical role that small companies have in driving innovation. That’s certainly true and it was great to see the innovations of the 10 finalists who presented on Monday. But Hugh’s remark got me thinking about other dimensions of innovation, particularly in the light of the phenomenal range of capabilities evident in the exhibition hall at the conference.

The New OASIS PKCS 11 Technical Committee

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, RSA is transitioning the PKCS #11 standards effort into OASIS. The call for participation for the new OASIS PKCS 11 Technical Committee has now officially gone out from OASIS leadership, describing the process for joining the TC. The new public page for the PKCS 11 TC provides information…

Disruptive technologies breaking down our doors in 2013

RSA recently launched its latest SBIC report titled ‘Information Security Shake-up – Disruptive Innovations to test Security’s Mettle in 2013’. It introduces some interesting food for thought on what organizations should have on their ‘to do ‘list for 2013. Four key innovations are highlighted which shouldn’t come as a big surprise to anyone, I think we have all been addressing some of these in the last year but it’s time to hunker down and really start focusing on these four key innovations which will test the true grit of our security systems.

BYOD Checklist Part 2

All of these recommendations will require an enterprise to truly understand the nature of their BYOD estate. I fear a lot of organizations are under so much time pressure that BYOD has been implemented by stealth and not as part of the overall Security program. But the quicker you can gain control of the reigns puts you in a much stronger position to implement a comprehensive BYOD program.

Securing the Mobile Enterprise

We are seeing a fundamental shift in the way IT is consumed, and subsequently secured, and it’s mostly driven by mobile. The recent SBIC report, “Realizing the Mobile Enterprise: Balancing the Risks and Rewards of Consumer Devices,” highlights these shifts. There are a number of trends around mobility that make it a distinctly different and new security challenge to consider