ZeusiLeaks Archives File 002: Alarm Bells

WikiLeaks, the largest leak of data the world has seen? Nonsense! Trojans like Zeus lurk on millions of personal, corporate and government PCs, stealing data 24 by 7. Everything you do online – either private or work related – is sent to a mother ship halfway across the globe.

Out of Band Authentication: How Fraudsters Circumvent Sophisticated Security Measures

In “The Matrix,” Morpheus tells Neo during training that some of the Matrix’s rules can be bent while others can be broken. While this line may only be an excuse to use clever special effects, it does have a grain of truth to it. When solving computer problems, you don’t always have to play by the rules. Sometimes it’s much easier to circumvent a problem rather than solving…

Disruptor: User-Driven IT (Mobile rises up)

For those who missed it, one million mobile phones are reputed to have been compromised in China, according to Zhang Xuanchen of ShanghaiDaily.com. Note in the article mention of a “2M Yuan ($300K US) a day” cost and mention of “Other similar viruses have since appeared. A mobile phone safety detection company in Beijing uncovered 10 similar pieces of malware since September, some of which are able to evade anti-virus software.” [There is more in a related article]

Context, Context, Context: the key to risk-based decision making

In retail, the mantra is “location, location, location”: that’s the key to success, failure or mediocrity. On the Internet, the key will be “context, context, context.” As we become increasingly, global, social and mobile with inherently anonymized connections, the key to privacy, trust and security is context; and this will only become more true and more significant as time goes on.