My So-Called Digital Life

Like most, I have a very rich and fulfilling digital life. My smart phone is at hand 24×7 and I use apps to check weather and Facebook, bank, shop, scan real estate and even tell me if I have hung a picture straight. (Alas I am not a gamer.) I also do all of these…

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Understanding human triggers in fraudulent transactions

  Too often, discussions about fraud prevention emphasize the security controls organizations should put in place: risk engines, step-up authentication, biometrics… These are all necessary for a successful fraud prevention program, but we tend to minimize the ‘humans in the loop’ aka the end users. It’s human nature to have biases, and an effective security program should…

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3D Secure – The Next Generation

3D Secure was developed by Visa, MasterCard and Europay to reduce fraudulent online transactions. The 3D Secure protocol was designed to bring together the three “domains” in an online card not present transaction – the cardholder, the merchant and the card issuer. The protocol requires cardholders to enroll their cards in the program and then…

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