Keeping Me with Me FINALLY!

One of my recent blogs was called ‘Taking me with me’  where  I talked about the concept of having all my personal information held somewhere securely which I could access and allow others like government bodies, medical professionals, financial institutions etc. to access for ‘one time transactions’ only. The idea was that you are in possession/control of your own personal information and could make an informed decision as to with whom and where you share that information.

A recent article published in CNN Money introduces the concept of ‘personal data lockers’ — a hub that allows users to “manage their online lives and store all their digital stuff: financial information, medical records, movies, music, and so on.”

It seems start-ups are busy aggressively raising venture capital to deliver such a concept and according to the World Economic Forum personal data will be the asset of the twenty first century. Maybe EU Commissioner Vivianne Reading has got it right when she focused the proposed EU legislation on protecting citizens’ privacy. Maybe every EU citizen could be issued with their own ‘personal lockers’?  There’s food for thought….

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