Help Me Help Myself and Others with RSA Authentication Manager 8.0

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So I’ve called the Help Desk before. I’ve been that person on the other end who becomes a statistic, a cost point in the never-ending battle to keep costs low, to stay more efficient. The reasons I’ve had to call the Help Desk are myriad, but more often than not it’s because I’ve locked myself out of something. It’s a pain point for all of us. If you ask organizations what common user issue their Help Desk staff is plagued with the most, it is password resets.  In a recent research study we worked with the SANS Institute on, 42% of organizations stated that password reset requests were the number one reason users called most often – so at least I’m not alone.  It’s no secret how expensive and inefficient this gets on Help Desk staff.

Help for the Help Desk has arrived – in the form of RSA Authentication Manager 8.0 which I’m very pleased to announce is generally available as of today.   There are over 40 major enhancements available in the newest release – with one of the biggest being a new admin user dashboard and self-service portal for users.  The new improved dashboard provides Help Desk administrators with access to a one-stop-shop to solve some of the most common user issues such as password resets –our studies show RSA Authentication Manager 8.0 can reduce most Help Desk calls by up to 40%.  The self-service portal can eliminate the need to call the Help Desk altogether by enabling users to change their own PIN, request a replacement token, and get emergency access if they forget their token right online. Personally speaking, that’s a life-altering change for someone who errs on the side of absent-minded, prone to forgetting passwords and leaving keys and other devices in unfortunate places.

However, if we’re working to solve what ails organizations, it’s incumbent to address broader authentication challenges in a world disrupted by BYOD, mobile, and cloud. I myself have four different ways I can access corporate information (my phone, tablet, personal PC, and work PC) – a proof point that yesterday’s authentication options need to be diversified to address the complexities of today. It’s why we emphasized the inclusion of a major new feature in RSA Authentication Manager 8.0 – RSA’s award-winning risk-based authentication technology.  RSA customers can now minimize their impact on end users without sacrificing security, creating the opportunity to address end user populations previously underserved by legacy security options.

By allowing multiple authentication options to be managed from a central platform, RSA Authentication Manager 8.0 is paving the way for organizations to deploy a truly hybrid authentication strategy based on risk and select what option works best based on factors such as the user, the user’s device, and what the user can access. 

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Sean Brady

Sean Brady is a global expert on issues and mitigation strategies related to online fraud including advanced crimeware and attack vectors, the underground fraud economy and supply chain, and latest trends. He has been quoted in dozens of news outlets including BBC, New York Times, Washington Post, Forbes and all major trade outlets. Sean has over ten years experience in the online fraud and security industry in various product and project management roles, working with many of the world's largest financial service providers. At RSA, Sean is responsible for global go-to-market strategies for RSA's external threats and eCommerce authentication technologies. Prior to joining RSA, Sean was Product Manager for Whale Communications, a leading remote access provider acquired by Microsoft in 2006. Sean holds a Bachelors of Arts degree from the University of Notre Dame and a Masters in Design and Technology from Northern Illinois University. Subscribe to Sean's RSS feed