Disruptive technologies breaking down our doors in 2013

RSA recently launched its latest SBIC report titled ‘Information Security Shake-up – Disruptive Innovations to test Security’s Mettle in 2013’. It introduces some interesting food for thought on what organizations should have on their ‘to do ‘list for 2013. Four key innovations are highlighted which shouldn’t come as a big surprise to anyone, I think we have all been addressing some of these in the last year but it’s time to hunker down and really start focusing on these four key innovations which will test the true grit of our security systems.

1. Cloud computing – rears its ugly head again, and while it seems organizations are generally concerned about security in the cloud it really is not stopping them from moving even their mission critical applications and business processes to the cloud.
2. Social media – check out my blogs from last on this topic but again not surprising it’s in the top four. Social media enjoys an elevated status because organizations now realize the true power to influence consumer behavior. It’s here to stay so let’s address the security concerns
3. Big Data – The new buzz words for 2012, suddenly every incidence of data has become a ‘Big Data’ problem. The reality is that organizations do not understand what big data is all about and how to harness the true power of big data and business intelligence.
4. Mobile Devices – organizations face a daily security challenge from the number and type of devices that are accessing corporate resources. And although they have made some provisions in policy and controls in the coming year these will be tested to the limit.

What’s interesting about each of these topics id that last year my blogs talked about all of these…

Download the full report or look out for my next installment on what you should be doing to address these four challenges in 2013.

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