Cybersecurity Takes Center Stage: Notes from EMCworld Day One

Categories: Advanced Security

Cybersecurity has been visible in EMC keynotes before. Last year Pat Gelsinger spoke about the importance of security in VMware architecture, for example. But this year is the first time that security has taken center stage in the opening keynote.

Most of the keynote, delivered by David Goulden (EMC COO), was about the new ViPR storage controller and data services capability being released later this year, including a demo of ViPR by Andy Brown, CTO of UBS. But towards the end of the keynote, David invited Jason Rader, Chief Security Strategist for RSA (and a presenter at #EMCworld this year in the RSA session on “Assessing the Value of Information Assets”) to show how cybersecurity attacks can be detected and responded to. Jason did a great job showing Jeremy Burton and all of us in the audience how potential attacks are visible in Archer, how they can be analyzed to determine whether the attacker has caused damage or exfiltrated information, and how the incident can be tracked and responded to effectively.

The solutions pavilion opened for a reception after the keynote. It was great to see that cybersecurity had a substantial presence there as well. RSA has a dedicated booth this year, including a theater with security-related presentations like “Anatomy of an Attack”. There were also quite a few other security-related vendors, like Varonis, who are doing  with a great demonstration of their support for big data analytics in detecting anomalies in access patterns.

So it was a good day for cybersecurity at #EMCworld, including our four well-attended security-related sessions. Lots of interest, lots of energy! I’m looking forward to the rest of the week.

Bob Griffin

Bob Griffin is Chief Security Architect at RSA, the Security Division of EMC, where he is responsible for technical architecture, standards and strategy, particularly for RSA’s data security products. He represents EMC to several standards organization, including as co-chair of the OASIS Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) technical committee. Bob has extensive experience in security strategy, corporate governance, business process transformation and software development. He has had the primary architectural responsibility for a number of production systems environments and for major software engineering projects at RSA, Entrust and Digital Equipment Corporation,. He is a frequently requested speaker for professional and industry conferences and has instructed courses within both professional and university settings.