Our Digital Universe – The 5th Dimension

Last week, EMC released its 7th study of the Digital Universe. For those of us that spend our days investigating, building, securing and living in the digital world, the report is a captivating exploration of the only part of our universe that we – meaning Man – are responsible for and control. The concept is absolutely fascinating. We mere mortals have created a universe that, just like our physical universe, is expanding, growing and deepening on a scale of sheer incomprehensible magnitude.

Virus Bulletin: Threat prevalence revisited

          This month’s issue of Virus Bulletin has published an article (sorry, subscription required) where I expand  on my earlier blog post on the inherent conflict between a security vendor’s economic interest and the customer’s need to detect and prevent targeted attacks when relying on signature-based detection.

How to bypass AV

We came across this presentation given by Andrew King at this year’s Toorcon in San Diego and thought it was worth posting for some Thanksgiving reading. You’ll be able to follow along just fine if, like Andrew, you believe building polymorphic encoders inside a DLL housing is “not that complicated”. For the rest of us, you’ll…

Poison Ivy (“Nitro”) and ECAT analysis

In this blog post we continue in our series looking at how ECAT detects and analyses compromises that evade traditional detection This time, we’ve taken a look at a recent rev of Poison Ivy that was brought into the limelight by Symantec’s report on the use of a variant as an attack vector against certain companies in the…