An Impassioned Perspective

As someone who speaks at many conferences and hears (and gives) many keynotes, I was struck by the extraordinary passion and commitment in Art Coviello’s keynote at RSA Conference US last week. His call to action certainly echoed his keynotes of the past several conferences, in his conviction that we – all of us –…

Do Standards Matter for Information Sharing?

In previous blogs and the recent RSA Perspective paper, I have emphasized the need to work through use cases, requirements, and sharing models before thinking about which standards best fit a use case and where they are necessary. As the co-chair of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Managed Incident Lightweight Exchange (MILE) working group, I’m often asked about the use of standards for information sharing, so let’s dive in!


Information Sharing Done Right – What’s Useful to Share and Who Should Get It?

Continuing on the theme of sharing information in a directed way to have a broad impact, I think it is important to think further about how we can share information effectively. For me, this means breaking down what is important to share and with with whom. For a single use case, this could mean multiple exchanges that vary in content and possibly in the methods that are used to exchange the relevant information.