Transforming Expectations for Threat Intelligence Sharing – Podcast #250

According to the author of a new RSA Perspectives paper, “sharing information equally with everyone often, results in information that’s helpful to no one.” Cyber threat intelligence sharing has gotten much attention recently as the industry has discovered through numerous examples that the underground network of cyber criminals and attackers actually do a better job…


Dissecting a Cybercriminal Heist – Podcast #248

In May 2013, the U.S. Dept. of Justice indicted several members of a cyber criminal gang  allegedly responsible for the largest coordinated cash heist from thousands of ATMs across 26 countries. The scheme netted more than $45 million in less than a week and has the banking industry reeling at the manner in which this…

Building a Next Generation SOC – Using Intelligence to Find the Threats; Podcast #245

In this edition of the RSA Speaking of Security Podcast, Tom Chmielarski, Practice Lead with RSA’s Advanced Cyber Defense consulting practice, talks about specific threat intelligence strategies that organizations can take in the defense against malware and advanced attackers. Tom is one of the lead consultants bringing RSA’s Next Generation Security Operations Design and Implementation…

Safe Online Holiday Shopping Beyond Cyber Monday – Podcast #244

Great deals abound online for holiday shoppers during the hottest time of year where e-commerce merchants are looking to cash in on what is projected to be a US$1.25 billion spending spree just on Cyber Monday alone. Where the money goes, so do cybercriminals who are also looking to make illicit gains of their own using clever ruses such as phishing emails and web pages that promote discounts and offers that are too good to be true when in reality they are harvesting credit card numbers, stealing identities and anything else that can be turned into cash. Rueben Rodriguez from RSA’s Identity Data & Protection group joins the Speaking of Security podcast to talk about what consumers and online merchants need to look out for to avoid getting fooled by cybercriminals this holiday shopping season.

Protecting Banking Users from Online Account Takeover – Podcast # 243

Amy Blackshaw, Sr. Product Marketing Manager for RSA’s Identity Protection and Verification business talks about the burgeoning issue of Account Takeover fraud of online bank accounts through malware and sophisticated attacks. Amy also discusses new features being introduced in the newest version of the RSA Adaptive Authentication solution to help banks and their customers protect against these threats.

Hackers Targeting Treasure Troves of Healthcare PII – Podcast #242

Angel Grant, a member of RSA’s Identity and Data Protection product marketing team and an oft-quoted expert in the media on cybercrime against consumers and online banking, returns to the Speaking of Security podcast to talk about online fraud trends in healthcare, highlighting what information hackers are after and what they’ve been observed doing with it.