Mobile Risks and the Enterprise

I have worked on mobile security strategy for RSA for the last two years now, and during that tenure the market continues to evolve and move at a rapid pace, which no doubt is putting more stress and uncertainty into the minds of security professionals. But, just the other day I saw a graphic in Computerworld that really summed up the entire mobility movement. Take a look:

The Role of the Carrier in a Growing Mobile World

It’s a common question around here: who holds the most power in the mobile infrastructure? The carrier? The handset makers? The OS providers? Security is by its nature an add-on service, something that often is piggybacked on other more top-of-mind services, so whenever you try to sell security in the mobile space you always come to that golden question: Who owns the most customer mindshare on the mobile device?

The Growth of Mobile

We are witnessing a technology revolution, and within this massive shift in endpoint devices, there is also a rolling thunder of change to the traditional security landscape. And not surprisingly, mobile security is often a few steps behind the curve as the industry rushes to catch up with business requirements.