Help Me Help Myself and Others with RSA Authentication Manager 8.0

So I’ve called the Help Desk before. I’ve been that person on the other end who becomes a statistic, a cost point in the never-ending battle to keep costs low, to stay more efficient. The reasons I’ve had to call the Help Desk are myriad, but more often than not it’s because I’ve locked myself out of something. It’s a pain point for all of us. If you ask organizations what common user issue their Help Desk staff is plagued with the most, it is password resets. In a recent research study we worked with the SANS Institute on, 42% of organizations stated that password reset requests were the number one reason users called most often – so at least I’m not alone.

An All Access Sweep – RSA Wins Big at SC Mag Awards

At the annual SC Magazine Awards, RSA’s defense of access continues to drive the state-of-the-art for the market. First, RSA SecurID maintained its position as the standard by which authentication solutions are judged, garnering the 2013 SC Magazine Award for Best Multifactor Authentication Solution. Additionally, following the mantra of “trust, but verify” RSA’s work in risk analysis and evaluation was also showcased with the award for Best Fraud Prevention for RSA Adaptive Authentication. This award is particularly satisfying as the Conference this week also saw the release of the groundbreaking RSA Authentication Manager 8.0 which brings big data-driven risk analytics to bear to achieve new levels identity assurance in enterprise, cloud and mobile environments.

What to do about new FFIEC guidance? Keep it simple, folks

The new FFIEC Supplemental Guidance on Authentication in an Online Banking Environment is a lengthy document, attempting to tackle an already large yet continually growing problem of malware, identity theft, and cybercrime threatening the very usefulness of online banking. I see no need to get into a detailed explanation of the problem… What I think is worth some effort at the moment is thinking about the next steps of addressing the guidance – financial institutions need to stick with the theme of “Keep It Simple.”

A Cybercrime Self-Confession

Yes, I am one of those Users. I am one of those Users that I spend a significant part of my job working to educate customers and the industry about. You see, as part of my job, I am issued a laptop by EMC, the parent company of RSA. I am in fact working from that laptop right now. It should also be noted…

The Sliding Scale of Security

If I ever wanted to shine a spotlight on possible various personal flaws of mine, I need look no further than the now commonly accepted consumer activity known as eCommerce. With eCommerce, I can be lazy – who wants to actually go out to the store? With eCommerce, I can be inattentive – eh, I’ll order that last minute and ship it overnight. I can self-justify – hey, if I look online, I know I can find exactly what is wanted, so why bother doing anything else? I do all these things (Mom, Dad, if you read this – I’m sorry) with eCommerce.