Merchants Beware: Cyber Monday is Here

I’m sure you’re like one of millions of other global consumers rushing to get the hot online deals today. I don’t know if I’ve been having more fun shopping for myself today, or my kids. But I do know that I am willingly helping to push the e-commerce industry into the black, and was especially happy when my quest for the perfect brown boots ended today!

Digital Identities: I Have One For Sale

In a research study by Harris Polls (commissioned by RSA) on digital identities, the most popular online accounts for consumers are email, financial and banking, and entertainment/shopping. And on average, they access these online accounts from two different digital devices. But what does a digital identity really mean? I like to think of myself as an average consumer/online user so let’s take a look at what I consider to be my digital identity – and perhaps make you think a little more about yours.

Workplace Security: Are You the Weakest Link?

As an employee at some company somewhere, you are probably putting your organization at risk every day – and you don’t even know it. Do you re-use the same password to login to multiple accounts? Are you visiting social networking sites and planning your upcoming summer vacation while at work? Have you ever logged in to check your work email from unsecured wireless hotspots? These are just some of the activities employees around the world do every day that seem relatively harmless, but could be putting their company at risk.

Social Media Fraud and the Olympics

With the 2012 London games more than halfway complete, the world’s nations continue to battle for Olympic glory. As we follow our favorite athletes and pay attention to the daily medal count, most people don’t know about the other epic competition happening in the cyber underground. Fraudsters look at events like The Games as an opportunity to compete – a chance to take advantage of the worldwide captivation of Olympic fans to spread malware and steal personally identifiable information. The info-graphic below gives a quick snapshot of some of the potential risks awaiting Olympics fans online:

Online Dating, Online Fraud: It’s All Relative

To me, online dating these days is not much different than online fraud. I speak from personal experience on both – as someone who has experienced the thrills of online dating sites (NOTE sarcasm here) and has the privilege of witnessing the latest online scams that fraudsters pull on a daily basis. I live in both worlds – and trust me, they are not much different.

Scareware Doesn’t Scare Me

Most consumers know what a virus or a Trojan is, but if you threw the word “scareware” at them, you might get a look as though you were an alien from another planet.  Scareware is no different than any other malicious software that finds its way on to your computer.  But the best way to…

Shop Safe on Cyber Monday

So Cyber Monday has arrived, and tens of millions of consumers will be hitting the cyber waves to shop for the best holiday deals around. Most of them will be doing it on company time (myself included, I admit), but hey, my son really wants that video game and I can save 50% today only. But while Cyber Monday is packed with unbelievable deals for holiday shoppers, it is also a time when consumers need to take notice to ensure they don’t fall victim to fraud, and retailers and banks need to be on guard.

Are Your Kids Safe Online? You Can Answer that Question in About Two Minutes

For Cyber Security Awareness Month last October, I took up a project to research ways we could keep our kids safe online throughout the year. A colleague introduced me to an organization called United Parents. The company has a very cool technology that enables parents to actively monitor the risk level of their child’s online activities without disrupting their privacy. For example, if your child was being bullied online by a classmate via a social networking site, the technology makes connections between various words and phrases in instant messages, for example, and then sends you an alert.