An All Access Sweep – RSA Wins Big at SC Mag Awards

Categories: Fraud Intelligence,Trusted Identity

Another year, another RSA Conference, and the continued battle to keep companies and assets secure.  Unfortunately each new week brings us stories of major US corporations compromised and growing sophistication of attackers in gaining a foothold on networks.  However, while the circumstances, the targets and the data stolen vary, at the beginning of all of these stories is an abuse of access.

As we continue to learn, when it comes to security, nothing should be taken at face value, and access should be viewed as a privilege to be constantly earned, not a right to be automatically and universally granted.  It is this understanding and due diligence that drives RSA’s innovations, and this week those innovations are being recognized and lauded.

At the annual SC Magazine Awards, RSA’s defense of access continues to drive the state-of-the-art for the market.  First, RSA SecurID maintained its position as the standard by which authentication solutions are judged, garnering the 2013 SC Magazine Award for Best Multifactor Authentication SolutionAdditionally, following the mantra of “trust, but verify” RSA’s work in risk analysis and evaluation was also showcased with the award for Best Fraud Prevention for RSA Adaptive Authentication.  This award is particularly satisfying as the Conference this week also saw the release of the groundbreaking RSA Authentication Manager 8.0 which brings big data-driven risk analytics to bear to achieve new levels identity assurance in enterprise, cloud and mobile environments.

RSA is honored and extremely proud to accept these awards for its own efforts, as well as to recognize the efforts and innovations of all the finalists in continuing to raise the bar in defense of business.

Sean Brady

Sean Brady is a global expert on issues and mitigation strategies related to online fraud including advanced crimeware and attack vectors, the underground fraud economy and supply chain, and latest trends. He has been quoted in dozens of news outlets including BBC, New York Times, Washington Post, Forbes and all major trade outlets. Sean has over ten years experience in the online fraud and security industry in various product and project management roles, working with many of the world's largest financial service providers. At RSA, Sean is responsible for global go-to-market strategies for RSA's external threats and eCommerce authentication technologies. Prior to joining RSA, Sean was Product Manager for Whale Communications, a leading remote access provider acquired by Microsoft in 2006. Sean holds a Bachelors of Arts degree from the University of Notre Dame and a Masters in Design and Technology from Northern Illinois University. Subscribe to Sean's RSS feed